Wrinkle Cream - Dapple White (4 oz.) [SHIPS CA][WHILE SUPPLIES LAST]

Manufacturer: Fusing Farm
Axner Number: FSM020
Weight: 0 lbs., 4.00000 oz.
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Fusing Farm: Wrinkle Cream - Dapple White; a glass surface modifier. Ships from our California location. 4 oz. jar.

Product Details

Fusing Farm: Wrinkle Creams
Fusing Farm has formulated a line of special surface modifiers for glass that are non-toxic and are compatible with all COE's. Each of these Wrinkle Creams can produce individual & unique surface effects. Layering of different products, varied application techniques and firing temperature will vary the results and allows the user to create endless esthetic possibilities.

Dapple White (FSM-020):
4 oz. jar. Applied in 1 to 2 thin even coats it produces a dappled or modeled crystallization pattern, on the surface of the glass. When applied to glass for slumping it produces similar results with possible wrinkling.

Application Methods
Each of the Wrinkle Cream products can be used in a variety of ways to emphasize or alter their prescribed affects. Some can be blended/mixed together or layered. They can be thinned down, by adding water, to create subtle results. They can be layered or applied thickly to emphasize their unique qualities. Note: When layering one or more of the creams it is important to apply layers successively while wet. Applying new coats over dried material it may pull off old material, or repel new material (as in the case of Maximum Etch).

Wrinkle Creams can be applied to flat glass using a pre-wetted brush or dispersed from an Axner Precision Applicator Bottle. Spray application can provide an even soft finish or a spattered/stippled effect.

Dragging tools through creams can create lines. In addition, different ways of applying can also create effects. A dense or stiff brush can create brush strokes or sweeping lines to create pattern, texture and visual composition.

To create bands on the glass, place on a rotating surface such as a banding wheel, lazy-susan, or potters wheel. As the glass is rotated use a brush or precision applicator bottle to disperse the creams in concentric bands around the glass.

After firing additional surface modifiers can be added over Wrinkle Creams. Laguna's Liquid Metallic Lusters, when added over the top of pre-fired Wrinkle Creams, creates jewel-like, precious metal elegance, which is available in Gold and Palladium. Using Fusing Farm Universal Flux, frits, and enamels can also add additional detail, color, and decoration to the final piece. (See directions that accompany these products for specific application instructions.) A combination of these techniques, as well as others, provides limitless creative possibilities.

Wrinkle creams should be dry prior to firing. Placing in front of heat and/or air sources can decrease drying time. Use caution when using hair dryers or paint strippers. Keep heat source 6" away from surface, and keep in constant motion to avoid thermal shock. Sunlight can also be an affective drying method. For best results fire between 1550-1650 degrees Fahrenheit. (Refer to Firing Schedule provided below).

Sample Firing Schedule for Fusing Wrinkle Creams:
For firing Wrinkle Creams on Fusing Farm Float Glass Blanks.

Hold (Hours:Minutes)
450 °F
1150 °F
1650 °F
1100 °F
1000 °F
900 °F
700 °F
250 °F

Note: When firing ceramic and glass products it is important to use a well-ventilated kiln. Firing slowly to 450°F insures atmospheric water is removed, that the glass and all refractory materials are protected from thermal shock. At 450°F kiln ventilation can be closed to improve heating efficiency.

* WARNING: When working with any ceramic product you should be cautious of dust and small particulate matter. Always work in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator. Do not use around food or beverage. Always wash hands and clothing after use. Some products contain organics that burn out during firing; always operate kiln in a well-ventilated are. For additional safety (MSDS) information call 626-330-0631.

* Note: Shipped directly from our California warehouse located in Industry, CA.

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