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No compressor needed. Hand pump Spray Gun; with only a few pumps you can keep spraying.
Three Small glaze containers for the Paintec Spray Gun.
Three Piece nozzle kit for spraying thicker and grainier materials with the Paintec Spray Gun.
Attaches to a 16 oz. heavy duty plastic jar; can spray adhesives, paints, glazes, silicones, stains or laquers. Requires an air compressor and hose; not included.
Additional 16 oz. Heavy Duty Plastic jar that attaches to the K-Grip Siphon Spray Gun; great for storing different glazes. Comes with Screw On lid.
Plastic storage jar with lid; fits onto the EZE Spray Gun.
Spray your glazes. Requires an air compressor.
A Single Action unit. The external mix makes it easy to clean and maintain. Air controlled by finger button. Fluid adjusted by separate action. Requires a compressor.
A Double Action unit whose operatin is more flexible and versatile. The internal mix is fingertip controlled. Fluid volume and air control care combined in one finger lever. Requires a compressor.
3 oz. Plastic Bottle and Cover Assembly for Paasche Airbrush Set H.
3 oz. Metal Cover Assembly for Paasche Airbrush Set H. Metal for a Glass Bottle. Does not include a 3 oz. Glass Bottle.