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A tabletop potter's wheel which can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 20-lb centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.
This wheel features a brushless DC motor and direct drive (no belt) system. The motor is electronically controlled and operated by a fixed foot pedal and hand lever. It's reversible, and the steel body is durable under all conditions.
Designed with the potter in mind, the VL-Lite is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. "Lite" enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on.
Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and we can now say the quietest wheel in the potter's wheel market. It's a "quiet" that must be heard to be believed!
This splash pan fits Shimpo RK-Whisper and RK-10 models manufactured after 1981 and all Shimpo Master Series potter's wheels when fitted with a 12-inch wheelhead. Two piece with clips.
This snug-fitting interlocking design separates easily for cleaning. Fits all Shimpo Master, RK-10, Velocity and Whisper Series potter's wheels and may be used with a Shimpo work table. 4-1/2" x 19", 4 lbs.
Shimpo offers solid HDPE plastic work tables which quickly attach to the RK Whisper, RK-10 Basic and Super as well as Master Series models (except the M1 or RK-2). This larger table adds approximately four square feet of surface space.
This splash pan fits all Shimpo Master Series potter's wheels except the M-1 and may be used with the work table. 21-1/2" dia x 5" H, 4 lbs.
Fits all Shimpo Master Series (fitted with 12-inch wheelhead), RK-10 and some older RK-2 model potter's wheels. 17-1/2" dia. X 5" H.