"Slips are used for coating clays to give colour and a smooth textured surface. Although the simple mixture of clay and water is a slip there are often other ingredients. These are added for colouring and to make the slip fit the body during drying, firing and when finished, and to provide the necessary bonding with the body beneath and, if necessary, the glaze above."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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Through years of formulation and reformulation, Karl Miller developed Albany Slip Substitute intended to reproduce the physical and performance characteristics of the famed Albany (NY) Slip.

An excellent substitute for the very popular Albany Slip, which has not been mined for over a decade. It melts fairly well from cone 6 up. By cone 10 it produces a glossy brown in oxidation and a tenmoku in reduction.

This is a blend of minerals that closely simulates Barnard (Blackbird) Clay, a widely used clay that contains iron and manganese.

Mixed with water alone, makes a nice semi-matte cone 10 clear glaze. Stable and reliable with a 100-year supply available. A silty low iron clay, it applies evenly, drains drip-free, dries hard, doesn't settle.