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Raw Materials

Raw Materials The materials available through this web site are in grades of purity which are most useful in the ceramic industry. Some of them are not "pure" compounds, and therefore, we are unable to warrant the consistency of these materials from batch to batch. We urge you to make thorough tests every time a new material or lot is purchased.

Select a category to view raw materials by group or go directly to the raw material you want by picking it from the full list below.

Click for a list of MSDS/SDS forms for all Raw Materials listed here.

Storage Jars available for storing materials.


Ball Clays
Other Raw Materials
  • Bell Dark
  • Alumina Hydrate
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • C&C
  • Alumina Oxide (Calcined - 325 Mesh)
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Foundry Hill Creme (FHC)
  • Antimony Oxide
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Kentucky Stone
  • Barium Carbonate - German
  • Magnetite (Granular)
  • Old Hickory #5
  • Bentonite - 325 Mesh
  • Manganese Carbonate (Brown)
  • OM-4
  • Bentonite - Bentolite L-10 (White)
  • Manganese Dioxide 325 Mesh (Morrocan)
  • Tennessee #1 (SPG #1)
  • Bentonite - HPM-20
  • Manganese Dioxide 60-80 Mesh
  • XX Sagger
  • Bentonite - Macaloid
  • MICA
  • Fireclays
  • Bentonite - Vee Gum T
  • Molochite 30 Mesh
  • Gold Art
  • Bone Ash (Di-Calcium Phosphate)
  • Molochite 50-80 Mesh
  • Greenstripe
  • Tri-Calcium Phosphate (synthetic Bone Ash)
  • Molochite 120 Mesh
  • Hawthorn Bond 40 Mesh
  • Borax (Granular)
  • Molochite 200 Mesh
  • Hawthorn Bond 50 Mesh
  • Borax Powder
  • IMCO 400
  • Boric Acid (Granular)
  • Mullite 35 mesh
  • Lincoln 60
  • Mullite 48 mesh
  • Roseville
  • Brushing Medium
  • Mullite 100 mesh
  • Kaolins (China Clays)
  • Mullite 200 mesh
  • 6 Tile
  • Calcium Carbonate (Whiting) 325 Mesh
  • Nepheline Syenite A270
  • EPK (Edgar Plastic Kaolin)
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Nickle Carbonate, Green
  • Glomax LL (Calcined)
  • Chrome Oxide, Green
  • Nickle Oxide, Black
  • Grolleg
  • CMC Powder
  • Ochre, Yellow
  • Helmer
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • McNamee
  • Cobalt Oxide
  • Paper Pulp
  • New Zealand
  • Cobalt Sulfate
  • Standard
  • Copper Carbonate
  • Petalite
  • Super Standard
  • Copper Oxide, Black
  • Potassium Bi-Chromate
  • Red Clays
  • Copper Oxide, Red
  • Potassium Carbonate
  • C-Red
  • Cornwall Stone Sub
  • Pumice - FFF
  • Newman Red Sub (S3081D)
  • Cryolite
  • PV Clay
  • Red Art
  • Dextrin
  • Pyrophyllite (Pyrax-B)
  • Slips
  • Dolomite (Dolocron)
  • Pyrophyllite (Pyrotrol)
  • Albany Slip Sub SG328
  • Raw Sienna
  • Alberta Slip Clay
  • Feldspar - Custer (Potash)
  • Rutile - Ceramic Light
  • Arroyo Slip
  • Feldspar - Mahavir (Potash)
  • Rutile - Granular
  • Barnard Clay Sub SG1132
  • Feldspar - Minspar-200 (Soda)
  • Rutile - Milled Ruflux 61
  • Ravenscrag Slip
  • Sand - 30 Mesh
  • Fluorspar Superfine
  • Sand - 60 Mesh
  • Ferro Frits (Lead Free)
  • Gerstley Borate
  • Sand - Silica Sand F-65 Ottawa
  • 3110
  • Grog - 20X50 Mulcoa
  • Silica - 200 Mesh
  • 3124
  • Grog - 20 Mulcoa
  • Silica - 325 Mesh
  • 3134
  • Grog - 35 Mulcoa
  • Silica - IMSIL A-25
  • 3195
  • Grog - 48 Mulcoa
  • Silicon Carbide
  • 3249
  • Grog - 200 Mulcoa
  • Soda Ash
  • 3269
  • Gum Arabic
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • FA-233
  • Ilmenite, Granular
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Plaster
  • Iron Chromate
  • Spodumene Substitute
  • Plaster - Pottery No. 1
  • Iron Oxide - Black
  • Strontium Carbonate - Fine
  • Iron Oxide - Brown 521
  • Talc - Pioneer (C-98)
  • Iron Oxide - Red NR-4284
  • Tin Oxide
  • Liquid Raw Materials
  • Iron Oxide - Red, Spanish
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Darvan #7 (Dispersal)
  • Iron Oxide - Yellow
  • Tri-Calcium Phosphate
  • Darvan #811 (Dispersal)
  • Kryolite
  • Tri-Sodium Phosphate
  • Flocs (Glaze Suspender)
  • Kyanite - 35 Mesh
  • Umber, Burnt
  • Gum Solution (CMC)
  • Kyanite - 48 Mesh
  • Vanadium Pentoxide
  • Liquid Latex
  • Kyanite - 100 Mesh
  • Vee Gum T
  • Rigidizer (Liquid)
  • Kyanite - 200 Mesh
  • Whiting
  • Sodium Silicate (Liquid)
  • Lithium Carbonate (Fine)
  • Wollastonite, Vansil W-10
  • Lithium Carbonate (Coarse)
  • Wollastonite, Vansil W-20
  • Wax Resist
  • Macaloid
  • Wollastonite, Vansil W-30
  • Axner Premium Wax Resist
  • Zinc Oxide 910
  • Zircopax Plus

  • Products In This Category

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    Plaster - Hydrocal A-11
    Plaster - Ultracal 30 (sold per 50 lb. bag)
    High-strength gypsum cement having low setting expansion. For production on hard, strong, tough models of uniform and stable dimensional accuracy. Used for production of master models. Recommended for slurry casting technique.
    Axner Price: $0.65
    Plaster - Ultracal 30 (sold per 50 lb. bag)
    Board Treatment (Liquid)
    Board Treatment (Liquid) [While Supply Lasts]
    Liquid. Used to treat corrugated board when using with a polythylene vacuum forming machine.
    Axner Price: $9.50
    Board Treatment (Liquid) [While Supply Lasts]
    Darvan #7 (Dispersal)
    Darvan #7 (Dispersal) (Liquid)
    Liquid. A deflocculant that is user friendy because it has a wider deflocculation curve. Does not deteriorate molds as actively as does Sodium Silicate.
    Axner Price: From $6.85 to $34.95
    Darvan #7 (Dispersal) (Liquid)
    Darvan #811
    Darvan #811 (Liquid)
    Liquid. Dispersal similar in use and composition to Darvan #7, but recommended for deflocculating red slips and high iron slips.
    Axner Price: From $8.10 to $41.70
    Darvan #811 (Liquid)
    Flocs (Glaze Suspender)
    Flocs (Glaze Suspender)[FLORIDA ONLY]
    Liquid. The most effective, simple, and economic flocculant available! Keeps your glaze in suspension for longer periods of time. Helps to prevent hard build ups on the bottoms of your glaze buckets.
    Axner Price: From $6.95 to $39.95
    Flocs (Glaze Suspender)[FLORIDA ONLY]
    Glycerin (Liquid)
    Glycerine (Liquid) [SHIPS CA]
    Liquid. C3H5(OH)3. Used to set and harden the surface of glaze and overglaze to facilitate faster glazing procedures.
    Axner Price: From $7.65 to $37.40
    Glycerine (Liquid) [SHIPS CA]
    Gum Solution (CMC)
    Gum Solution (CMC) (Liquid)
    Liquid. A liquefied binder, thickener, suspension and brushing medium made of an organic cellulose gum. Also used to increase plasticity of clay bodies.
    Axner Price: From $3.45 to $17.80
    Gum Solution (CMC) (Liquid)
    RF-458 Rigidizer
    Rigidizer (Liquid)
    Colloid Silica Rigidizer. This liquid material has several uses in connection with fiber insulation materials. Sold by the gallon.
    Axner Price: $29.75
    Rigidizer (Liquid)
    Sodium Silicate (Liquid)
    Sodium Silicate (Liquid)
    Liquid. Liquid "N" brand Sodium Silicate is used as a major deflocculant in preparing slip. It reduces the amount of water needed, therefore reducing shrinkage.
    Axner Price: From $2.25 to $50.50
    Sodium Silicate (Liquid)
    Soup (Glaze Additive)
    Soup (Glaze Additive)
    Liquid. An incredible additive to glaze, underglaze, slip or other ceramic materials. It helps materials flow more easily and it helps materials adhere better.
    Axner Price: From $7.95 to $39.95
    Soup (Glaze Additive)
    Liquid Latex
    Liquid Latex - Ammonia based
    Potters can use this product as a removable resist. Slip, trail or brush this directly onto your pottery or over a glaze. Once it dries you can peel it off and apply another layer of glaze or decoration. Apply and peel as many layers as you desire.
    Axner Price: From $10.85 to $63.10
    Liquid Latex - Ammonia based
    Liquid Latex
    Liquid Latex - Water based [SHIPS CA & FL]
    Potters can use this product as a removable resist. Slip, trail or brush this directly onto your pottery or over a glaze. Once it dries you can peel it off and apply another layer of glaze or decoration. Apply and peel as many layers as you desire.
    Axner Price: From $11.20 to $66.30
    Liquid Latex - Water based [SHIPS CA & FL]
    Magic Water
    Magic Water (Liquid)
    Used for making joints and joining slip. Enhance your clays ability to bond leather hard to dry clay pieces together or use it to make your own magic mud to mend cracks in bone dry or bisque ware.
    Axner Price: From $2.95 to $13.30
    Magic Water (Liquid)
    Premium Wax Resist
    Premium Wax Resist
    Water based wax emulsion used for glaze decorating. Glaze will be resisted where wax is applied. Dries quickly on bisque and in a consistency favorable to brush work.
    Axner Price: From $7.95 to $39.45
    Premium Wax Resist
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