Laguna Pure Lube

Pure Lube

Manufacturer: Laguna Clay
Weight: 1 lbs., 4.00000 oz.
From $4.00 to $19.50
Mold release agent (sold per pint or gallon)
From $4.00 to $19.50

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A pure liquid (non-detergent) soap separator, used as a release when casting gypsum/plaster into a plaster mold, and to prevent plaster/gypsum products from adhering to most porous surfaces. Pure Lube may be used full strength or diluted with water. Apply with a clean sponge until foam appears, dab off excess and repeat the process until a sheen appears. Sold in pint or gallon size containers.

Pure Lube SDS (.pdf)

Note: Pure Lube will be damaged if frozen. Therefore, we suggest caution if ordering for shipment to cold regions during the Winter seasons.

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