Pricing & Payment

cash register Prices
All listed prices are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. If there is a difference between our published prices and the prices current at the time of your order, and that amount is less than the smaller of 10% or $20, your order will be shipped and you will be billed for the difference. In the event a price change is greater than that amount, you will be contacted for your approval prior to shipment.

Sales Tax
Applies to all showroom sales and shipments made to an address within the states of California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin except for resellers for whom we have on file a valid Reseller Exemption Certificate and exempt governmental agencies for which we also have an exemption certificate. The appropriate sales tax will be charged unless we have a copy of you or your agencies certificate in our possession.

Remittance should accompany your order. We accept checks and credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express). Most schools, governmental agencies and wholesalers with approved credit may use Purchase Orders. ALL international orders require a Wire Transfer and are subject to a Wire Transfer fee. is a division of Terrakotta, Inc. If paying by credit card, any charges will be from Terrakotta, Inc. DBA Laguna Clay Company

Credit Card Payment for Kiln or Drop Ship Equipment Orders
Any kiln or drop ship equipment being purchased with a credit card will be charged 50% as a down payment, and then the balance when it ships.

We only offer open accounts to schools, government agencies and wholesale accounts with approved credit. For these customers our terms are net 30 days. A 1.5% monthly service charge will be applied to all balances past due. When an account is past due, future orders may be held.

$20.00 Minimum Order Amount
You must purchase a minimum amount ($20.00) before checkout is allowed. This does not include tax, shipping or the $4.95 Handling Fee.

Credit Card Chargeback Policy
A "chargeback" occurs when a customer disputes a credit card charge. A fraudulent chargeback occurs when a customer attempts to dispute a charge for merchandise that they have knowingly purchased and have returned for a refund.

Attempting to dispute a valid credit card charge is fraudulent and is illegal. Laguna Clay Company, does not tolerate chargeback fraud, and we follow the following procedure when this takes place:
  • If you attempt to dispute or deny a valid charge, we will first contact you directly, because many disputed charges occur as a result of the customer not recognizing our company name / charge on their statement. You will have three (3) calendar days to reverse your dispute upon contact regarding the chargeback.
  • You will be assessed a chargeback fee of $25.00
  • We will immediately begin the process of fighting your chargeback, using all available information to include proof-of-delivery of our product to your address, copies of any and all emails and support tickets you have sent us, proof-of-use of digital products, and a search of the web and your social media accounts for any mention that you have purchased our product(s).
  • If your chargeback appears to be "Friendly Fraud" - an attempt on your part to defraud us and abuse the chargeback process to obtain our product(s) for free, we may file a police report with your local law enforcement agencies.
  • Your account will be suspended, and no further sales will be made to you / your account.
  • If you still do not resolve the situation by either reversing the dispute or reimbursing us for the amount disputed plus our bank fees, we reserve the right file a civil lawsuit against you in an attempt to collect the balance due, bank fees related to the chargeback, additional damages for the harm your chargeback causes to our merchant credit record, and for punitive damages.

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