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APT-II Low Fire Ceramic Enhancer will thicken all brands of slip and clay bodies, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations. This process can be performed on greenware, bisque or finished glazed pieces.
The mold mender designed and formulated specifically for repairing plaster ceramic molds. 1 oz.
Repair product for soft brick, hard brick, kiln posts and more. Good from Cone 06 up to Cone 10. Fire to cure.
Repair product for ceramic greenware and bisque for porcelain and high fire stoneware temperatures. 18.9 grams/Yields 2 oz.
Repair product for ceramic greenware and bisque for temperatures up to cone 03.
A kiln friendly glue for ceramic greenware and bisque. Fires Clear.

Use with firebrick and insulating firebrick. Air setting. Maximum service temperature 2900°F.