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From $16.80 to $99.45
Potters can use this product as a removable resist. Slip, trail or brush this directly onto your pottery or over a glaze. Once it dries you can peel it off and apply another layer of glaze or decoration. Apply and peel as many layers as you desire.
From $2.95 to $13.30
Used for making joints and joining slip. Enhance your clays ability to bond leather hard to dry clay pieces together or use it to make your own magic mud to mend cracks in bone dry or bisque ware.
4" x 3/4", sold per lb.
7" x 3/4", sold per lb.
9" x 3/4", sold per lb.
3 ft. Mold Strap; Yellow. 1" Wide.
4 ft. Mold Strap; Green. 1" Wide.
5 ft. Mold Strap; Blue. 1" Wide.
6 ft. Mold Strap; Orange. 1" Wide.
7 ft. Mold Strap; Red. 1" Wide.
From $7.95 to $39.45
Water based wax emulsion used for glaze decorating. Glaze will be resisted where wax is applied. Dries quickly on bisque and in a consistency favorable to brush work.
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