Paragon Viking Heavy Duty Kilns

Paragon Viking Heavy Duty Kilns Made Especially for Porcelain and Stoneware.

Viking kilns are designed for extra heavy-duty firing and high temperatures. They are similar to Paragon's standard studio kilns but with additional features such as a LiteLid Spring Counter-Balance, Easy Access Switch Box, and Kiln Stand with Extra Support.

All Vikings are digital. As with the TnF studio kilns, they feature the Sentry 12-key controller, easy access switch box, 1⁄2 amp fuse, and LiteLid. But in addition, they use heavy-duty mercury relays instead of standard mechanical relays. Mercury relays outlast the standard mechanical contact or relays by a wide margin. The Vikings have power to spare. They are 14,400 watt kilns and fire on a 70 amp, 240 volt circuit. (Note: Paragon can also make these kilns for international electrical systems.) UL/CUL & NEC compliant high amperage fuses protect the kiln and circuit wiring. These fuses are built into the kiln switch box.

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