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"An oxide which promotes ceramic fusion by interaction with other oxides. The oxides which are usually referred to as fluxes are the alkaline oxides because they interact with the glass-forming silica. Fluxes are monoxides with chemical formulae in the R2O and RO group. The acceptable exceptions are the sesquioxides: boron oxide and bismuth oxide. Fluxes are introduced as monoxides, dioxides, carbonates, and other compounds. Silicates using R2O and R2O3 fluxes soften slowly. Silicates involving RO fluxes tend to soften more quickly."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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Important opacifier. Often used in glaze to affect acid resistance, color and texture.

A hydrated ferric oxide with manganese dioxide. It is used for brush decoration to produce a reddish-brown. Also can be added to clay bodies to achieve a darker color.

A useful, high temperature flux. It increases the maturing range of glazes and produces bright, glossy colors. Also may be used to give opacity to glazes.

A very effective zirconium glaze opacifier. Equivalent to Ultrox Extra. Replaced regular Zircopax and Superpax which are no longer available.
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