Laguna & Miller Clay Bodies

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236 Laguna/Miller Clays stocked in the Axner Warehouse: is now stocking a number of Laguna and Miller clays in our Florida Warehouse. Browse through some of the new additions - Order online, or give us a call/email us for more information.

Miller Low Fire/Earthenware Clays

EM-100 Talcless White Low Fire Earthenware Clay
Miller #10
Talcless White
EM-101 Miller #10-G Low Fire Earthenware Clay
Miller #10-G
EM-106 Miller #20 Low Fire Earthenware Clay
Miller #20
EM-107 Miller #20-G Low Fire Earthenware Clay
Miller #20-G

Laguna/Miller Mid-Range Bodies

Laguna WC-401 B-Mix 5 Clay
B-Mix 5
Laguna WC-436 B-Mix 5 with grog Clay
B-Mix 5 w/grog
Laguna WC-437 Frost 6 Porcelain Clay
Frost 6 Porc.
Miller WC-606 #50 Clay
Miller WC-607 #55 Clay
Miller WC-608 #60 Clay
Miller WC-609 #65 Clay
Miller WC-611 #70 Clay
Miller WC-612 #75 Clay
Miller WC-617 #16 Clay

Laguna/Miller High Fire Clay Bodies

Laguna WC-379 B-Mix 10 Clay
B-Mix 10
Miller WC-618 #510 Clay
Miller WC-628 #900 Clay
Miller WC-629 #910 Clay
Miller WC-631 #550 Clay
Miller WC-637 #1050 Clay
Miller WC-643 #901 Clay
Laguna WC-843 Soldate 60 Clay
Soldate 60
Laguna WC-893 B-Mix 10 with grog Clay
B-Mix 10 w/grog
Laguna WC-896 Frost 10 Porc.
Frost 10 Proc.

Laguna Wood Fire Clay

Miller Raku Clay

Laguna WC-899 B-Mix Wood Fire Clay
B-Mix Wood Fire
    Miller WC-635 #200 Raku Clay
#200 Raku

Note: Laguna and Miller Clays are formulated and categorized to perform as ^06, ^5 and ^10. Most clay can be successfully fired at varying temperatures (1 to 2 cones) above and below their indicated firing ranges. Variables do exist and testing must be done to ensure clay meets an individual's needs or circumstances.

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Smooth, plastic, talc-free white firing clay, suitable for throwing and sculpture. Ideal for beginners and schools.

This clay has the same properties as Miller #10 but with medium grog added for larger thrown and sculpture pieces. Lower shrinkage.

A smooth, plastic, white body with a small percentage of talc to create an optimum glaze fit.

A smooth, plastic, terra cotta colored clay for wheel throwing and excellent for handbuilding as well. Fires to a rich terra cotta red.

#20-G has the same properties as Miller #20 with a fine grog added for slightly less shrinkage and improved workability.

A good wheel and handbuilding clay body, dark in fired color at Cone 6. Iron colorants in body enhance most glaze color developments.

A medium coarse, Cone 10 dark clay with 60 mesh sand. Turns deep brown in reduction and brown in oxidation. Good for various forming techniques.

A premier, cream-white, throwing clay that is easy to throw and form. Smooth porcelain texture. Fires gray/white in reduction and lighter in oxidation. It is similar to porcelain but it throws like a dream.

A medium-coarse textured clay that has a large amount of 60 mesh sand and medium grog. Fires oxidation to brick red and reduction to dark brown.

Semi-smooth red body with sand and grog. Fires paver tile red in oxidation and chocolate in reduction.

B-Mix 5's smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation.

A red stoneware clay body with medium grog and minimal porosity at Cone 6. A superior functional clay, ideal for hand-building and throwing small to medium pieces. Fires to a warm brick red color in oxidation.

A very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling.

An exceptionally white and translucent throwing porcelain for Cone 5-6.

A medium-sized grog version of our popular Cone 5 B Mix clay body with the addition of Red clay to achieve a warm Orange Brown color. Very forgiving during drying and good for forming larger sized objects.

Dark buff firing clay. Versatile, medium textured throwing body.

Stoneware favorite. Light sand color with fine specks. Excellent cone 6 throwing body which enhances glaze colors and effects. There is no better all around throwing body available for the stoneware look.

Excellent off-white stoneware clay for wheel work. Minor speckling caused by fireclay enhances appearance. Used by many for functional pottery. Neutral glazes are not altered by clay body ingredients allowing for purer glaze color.

This clay is compounded to be a stoneware clay with specks that bleed through the glaze, giving the appearance of iron burning through, typical of reduction glazes and clays. A very popular throwing clay for production potters.

Smooth white stoneware, good for throwing and production of functional whiteware.

Same as the WC609 Miller #65 but with sand added, making it desirable for tile, slabs and handbuilding.

A very plastic throwing clay, dark in color, featuring heavy specking. Creates excellent glaze effects with dark gray color and specks.

A good wheel and handbuilding clay body, dark in fired color at Cone 6. Iron colorants in body enhance most glaze color developments.

Grolleg Cone 6 porcelain. similar to Miller #15 with more ball clay, making it less white, more plastic and forgiving. Additional silica reduces crazing in some glazes. good for slab forming.

A very popular white stoneware, #510 is a very plastic, smooth throwing clay with superior handbuilding and slab properties. Contains fine grog.

A white stoneware which is good for functional ware, slab work and tile. Substitutes sand for grog and fires slightly gray in reduction.

A fine-tooth body, neutral toast when fired in reduction. Oxidation-light in color. This clay has excellent throwing properties. A versatile clay for the studio potter.

Darker toast reduction clay for wheel, slab and sculpture. Excellent body color. Good texture. Do not over-reduce as it goes too dark.

An off-white, typical light stoneware throwing clay. Medium texture for good tooth. Contains fire clay, no additional color.

This is considered by many to be the best clay for production pottery. Ideal for those who Sgraffito, wax resist and want a finer texture to minimize picking. Great for planters, etc.
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