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B-Mix 5's smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation.

A very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling.

Excellent off-white stoneware clay for wheel work. Minor speckling caused by fireclay enhances appearance. Used by many for functional pottery. Neutral glazes are not altered by clay body ingredients allowing for purer glaze color.

Smooth white stoneware, good for throwing and production of functional whiteware.

Same as the WC609 Miller #65 but with sand added, making it desirable for tile, slabs and handbuilding.

Fires warm off-white at cone 6 oxidation and is an all-purpose body for throwing and handbuilding. It has a non-sticky texture with some tooth from the addition of 5% of 35 mesh grog.