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Model K has been on the market since the mid 60's and can be found in schools, colleges, and institutions throughout the world.
Model EK, the motor assisted kick wheel with an optional reversing switch, is driven by a heavy-duty 1/3 hp motor with a rubber friction drive. When the drive is disengaged the wheel will operate as a manual kick wheel.
Motor Conversion Kit with optional reversing switch. Are you ready to center more efficiently? The Lockerbie conversion kit will make the Lockerbie you have enjoyed for years work even harder for you.
Includes both tapered roller bearing with cup (LBBA200) and housing with cover (LBBA300).
Includes housing and cover for the bottom bearing (LBBA300). The bottom bearing itself is sold separately.
Includes a tapered roller bearing with cup (LBBA200). Housing with cover sold separately.
Replacement concrete flywheel for Lockerbie Kick Wheels.
Replacement motor for Lockerbie Kick Wheels.
Includes rubber drive wheel (LRD200). Hardware for rubber drive wheel sold separately. Fits onto a 5/8 inch shaft.
Includes hardware for rubber drive wheel (LRD300). Rubber drive wheel itself sold separately.
Replacement shaft for Lockerbie Kick Wheels. 1" diameter.
Replacement aluminum splash pan for Lockerbie Kick Wheels. 15.75"x12"x2.5"
Replacement aluminum table top for Lockerbie Kick Wheels.
Replacement top bearing for Lockerbie Kick Wheels.
Replacement wheel head for Lockerbie Kick Wheels. 13" diameter. Bat Pins not included.
Replacement wooden seat for Lockerbie Kick Wheels.