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Cone 5-6. When fired to Cone 6, this self-supporting doll slip presents a traditional Caucasian flesh color (a hint of pink).

Cone 5-6. A little less pink and more "tan" than NS-120 Cool Blush.

Cone 5-6. A color out of the Southwest, Desert Beige is the next, small step away from Cool Blush and Warm Blush toward tan/light brown.

Cone 5-6. Antique White offers more of a "cameo white" look than cool whites.

Cone 5-6. A bright, cool white but not a "blue" white.

Cone 5-6. A soft, light, golden beige.

Cone 5-6. A darker and tanner version of NS-122 Desert Beige.

Cone 5-6. Lighter than NS-123 Warm Brown with a hint of pink.

Cone 5-6. A softer shade than NS-130 Coffee.