Laguna Cone 06 Artificial Salt Glazes

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236 (EM-1240 - EM-1249): Bold and Beautiful! You will love the "crater" texture achieved with these artificial salt glazes. Select from stock colors, or blend your own choice of stain or oxide to the base glaze, EM-1245.

Laguna glazes have no instructions on the label. Visit Laguna Clay's website for guidelines on using Laguna Glazes.

Laguna EM-1240 Hawaiian Crater Glaze
Hawaiian C. (M)
Laguna EM-1241 Twilight Crater Glaze
Twilight Cr. (M)
Laguna EM-1242 Moss Green & Sand Glaze
Moss G&S (M)
Laguna EM-1243 Tea Dust Glaze
Tea Dust (M)
Laguna EM-1244 Blue-Brown Lava Glaze
Bl.-Br. Lava (M)
Laguna EM-1245 Light Cream Glaze
Light Cream (M)

Laguna EM-1246 Dark Ultramarine Crater Glaze
Dk. Ultram. (M)
Laguna EM-1247 Volcanic Ochre Glaze
Volc. Ochre (M)
Laguna EM-1248 Carnation Glaze
Carnation (M)
Laguna EM-1249 Mint-Blue Lava Glaze
Mint-B. Lava (M)

(M) - Matte
(T) - Transparent
(O) - Opaque
(SO) - Semi-Opaque
* This is the base glaze for this series ‒ add your choice of stains or oxides to expand on the stock palette.

Test fire all glazes in your kiln and your firing environment before using in production.
Photographic reproductions differ from actual colors.

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