Whether made by an individual, educational institution, or manufacturer, a kiln purchase represents a significant committment of both finances and space. You can spend from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars on a kiln, and once that first load is fired, there is no changing your mind. Any kiln you purchase must (1) meets your firing requirements, (2) give you flexibility for realistic changes in your future firing needs, and (3) represent the highest level of quality you can afford.

Talk to friends, teachers, co-workers, but most of all talk to an expert before buying your kiln. Gas, electric, top-loading, front-loading, brick, fiber, computerized, manual, safety features, durability, insulation options, warranty coverage, the list goes on. Please email us at with any questions, and someone on our sales team will be happy to help you make the right kiln decision for you.

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54.1 cubic feet. Unquestionable quality, remarkable value, and timely delivery. Laguna kilns represent rugged construction and outstanding craftsmanship. Options include front-loading or shuttle, updraft or downdraft, brick or fiber.
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