High Temp Kiln Wash - Lee's by Axner

Manufacturer: Axner
Weight: 1 lbs., 11.00000 oz.
From $7.95 to $39.95
A high temperature protective coating for kiln shelves and other areas inside the kiln that may be subjected to dripping glaze during firing.
From $7.95 to $39.95

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Pouring Axner Kiln Wash

Lee's by Axner - Premium High Temp Kiln Wash is poured onto center of kiln shelf. If the shelf is very porous, you may dip your brush in water which can help the flow.
Applying Lee's by Axner Kiln Wash

Axner High TempKiln Wash FLOWS EASILY. Use an application motion from center of shelf outward to the edges.

No Flaking!
Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner minimizes or eliminates the problem of kiln wash flaking off of the shelf. Now you may wash ALL sides of your shelf and flip the shelves on alternate firings (per good kiln shelf practice), while dramatically reducing worry about flaking onto the shelf below.

Easy Flow Application!
Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner contains wetting agents which, in combination with other additives, make the kiln wash flow more easily over the shelves as it is applied.

Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner increases the melting temperature of Alumina so that this kiln wash is able to stand up to higher temperatures (much higher than a potter would normally go). You may thin with water. If your glazes do not run, one coat of Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner will suffice. If your glazes do run, however, we recommend two or three coats. Recommended thickness of each coat will result in the use of two to three ounces of kiln wash, per square foot, per coat. Naturally, Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner will work better if you remove your old kiln wash before applying. However, even over an old kiln wash, Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner can bind the old wash to your shelf and may help to eliminate an old flaky situation. Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner can save you money, protect your shelves and kiln better, and allow you to replace you kiln wash less often. Works best when furniture is bisque fired after application.

Note: Lee's High Temp Kiln Wash by Axner will be damaged if frozen. Therefore, we suggest caution if ordering for shipment to cold regions during the Winter seasons.

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