"Synonymous with China clay in North America. The purest clay, approximating closely the idealized clay mineral kaolinite. It contains very little iron impurity and is therefore white. It is a primary clay or a secondary clay moved only a short distance. It has therefore little plasticity but it is popular as a body consituent because of its whiteness. It is high in aluminium oxide content and with few alkaline impurities. It is therefore refractory with an assesed melting point over 1770°C (3218°F). It is used in glazes to introduce aluminum oxide and silica and to provide bulk in the slop suspension."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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6 Tile is an airfloated kaolin with bright firing properties yet highly plastic. It thus offers high green strength for superior jiggering and wet processing properties.

A secondary water washed kaolin mined in Florida. It is fairly plastic and very white firing compared with most other American kaolins. It has excellent casting properties.

A medium particle size kaolin clay heat treated at a high temperature (calcined) with high whiteness and good opacifying properties.

A blended English china clay, combining moderate plasticity, low titania content and relatively high flux content, low shrinkage and white fired color. It is excellent for making translucent throwing or casting porcelains.

A white sedimentary clay replacement for Avery in pottery.

A plastic kaolin from South Carolina which is considered a course particle sized kaolin and used primarily for white stoneware bodies. Has very good throwing properties but does not lend itself to translucency.

From New Zealand China Clays, for use in highest quality tableware where exceptional whiteness and translucency are demanded. Extremely low Fe2O3 & TiO2

A white firing highly plastic English kaolin with good translucency characteristics.