Iron Oxides

"They are the commonest colourants in individual pottery usually giving yellows, browns, blacks and greys. Iron oxide is popular because it can give many colour variations. The oxide responds differently to different glaze recipes and kiln atmospheres. Iron oxide is responsible for the brown colour in red-burning clays."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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Ferric oxide. Produces various shades of brown or green when used as a glaze colorant or decorative oxide. In high fire matt glazes, iron oxide and titanium can produce reddish colors.

A natural iron oxide. Reddish-brown raw color.

Ferric oxide. Basically the same as black iron oxide except not as concentrated.
81% Fe2O3 , this imported, natural iron oxide is bright red in its raw form.

A weaker form of iron—high clay content.

A mineral form of black iron oxide. When mixed in clay body or glazes, produces a speckling effect. (Should be screened due to inconsistent particle sizes.)