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A medium coarse, Cone 10 dark clay with 60 mesh sand. Turns deep brown in reduction and brown in oxidation. Good for various forming techniques.

An off-white, typical light stoneware throwing clay. Medium texture for good tooth. Contains fire clay, no additional color.

This is considered by many to be the best clay for production pottery. Ideal for those who Sgraffito, wax resist and want a finer texture to minimize picking. Great for planters, etc.

This low sulfur body is less prone to bloating than most clays in Cone 10 reduction firings. You will appreciate minimal sulfur odor. Warm toast color in reduction. Similar properties to Miller #900.

A modification of #900. Fine sand is added to maximize stability in firing and drying.

This clay is lightly grogged, no sand and has shown to do really well with both hand built and thrown ceramic wares. Fires to a bluish color in bisque. Deep black at cone 10. Black clays can affect glazes so testing will be required.