Heat Wave Raku Kiln

Heat Wave Raku Kiln [SHIPS FL]

Manufacturer: Axner
Axner Number: A255655
Ship Weight: 60 lbs., 0.00000 oz.
Take her for a test drive... From 80° to 1,850°F in 15 minutes! The Heat Wave Raku Kiln is lightweight and effective!

Product Details

Ships via LTL pallet.

Diameter (inches) Height (inches) Cu. Ft. Cone / Max Temp Ship Wt. Lbs.
Outer: 26 Inner: 19 Outer: 21 Inner: 18 4.7 Raku 60

The Heat Wave Raku Kiln is lightweight and effective!

Heatwave Raku Kiln Features:
  • Firing Chamber is 18" H x 21" W
  • Made from Superwool Prime Ceramic Fiber Blanket*.
  • Kiln comes complete with 2 handles for easy lifting.
  • Chamber of kiln is 21" in diameter and 18" in height. Using the firebox design described below, the top of your first shelf can be level with the base of the kiln.
  • Ships via LTL
Interior of Heat Wave Raku Kiln
Building a firebox for your Axner Heat Wave Raku Kiln
Building a firebox for your Axner Heat Wave Raku KilnIt's as simple as stacking up some bricks. You may use insulated firebrick OR hard firebrick. You can stack them in several different ways. Here is how we did it as seen in the kiln photograph above...

This design uses 37 standard 9"x4.5"x2.5" firebrick. If you were ambitious, you could cut the bricks in arcs to create a circular firebox that more closely matches the shape of the kiln. Note the diamond figure in front of the burner port represents one of the posts that are placed under the bottom kiln shelf. The post is placed at an angle so that it acts as a target brick, splitting and deflecting the flames to spread more evenly into the kiln.

*Note: Superwool 607 MAX Ceramic Fiber Blanket comes with the following health hazard summary from the manufacturer:
“This amorphous wool was designed for enhanced solubility in lung tissue. Rats have been exposed 6 hours/day, 5 day/week during two years at an average concentration of 200 fibers/cc (200 to 300 times higher than the concentrations found in manufacturing plants).

Preliminary findings indicate:
• No formation of fibrous tissue
• No significantly elevated tumor incidence over the negative (air) control group
• Reversible cellular changes similar to the effects observed after inhalation of inert dust.”

**Note: Firebox bricks, burner, hose assembly and regulators are not included. Each sold separately.**
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