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Full 9.2 cu.ft. of stacking space makes this kiln perfect for a home ceramic artist. Easy to load, uses 2 ea. 11”x22” shelves per level. With 6 Ceramic Tip Venturi Burners the kiln glides to temperature. Options available.
Our 12 cu.ft. is a “work horse” for high schools, community studios or colleges. Uses 2 ea. 12”x24” shelves per level. Perfect choice for ease of loading and unloading. Our 12 cu.ft. kiln yields consistent and dependable firing results.
A full 30”x30”x35” of stacking space makes the 18 cu.ft. kiln an excellent choice for community studios with a large membership. Fires evenly top to bottom. This kiln can be ordered as a front loader or car kiln (shuttle).
Our 24 cu.ft. kiln has large setting area, 32”x34”x38”. Most schools make this size kiln their first choice. Order it as a down-draft and get fantastic reduction results.
40 cubic feet. Laguna’s largest standard size gas kiln. A full 36”x36”x54” of stacking space. This kiln is best to order as a car kiln. It makes loading and unloading simple. Uses 4 ea. 18”x18” shelves per level.