"Frits can be used in any glaze and can also be used as fluxes in bodies, slips and engobes. When originating a recipe which involves a frit, the best way is to consider the frit as a flux only and not as a glass-former. In this way one will not be satisfied with the result simply because it melts. A frit will always melt, but it is not a suitable glaze alone. It requires other alumino-silicates."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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Balanced zircon, opacified frit for Cone 06 to Cone 1. A white frit for white, opaque glazes. Melting Range 1650°.

Sold by the pound. A high calcium/sodium, low alumina frit for Cone 06. Often used in crystal glazes. High expansion. Melting Range 1600°.

Used with other frits and raw materials at Cone 06 to Cone 01. Melting Range 1600°.

Calcium Borate source used with other frits for low cost pottery glazes from Cone 06 to Cone 01. Melting Range 1450°.

Very fluid, clear Cone 06 frit. Melting Range 1500°.

This frit formulation includes magnesium and is used to control crazing in amounts of 3% to 10%. Very low COE. Melting Range 1900°.

Sold by the pound. A high alumina/boron low calcium frit for Cone 06-01. Primarily used in art ware, hobby, and tile glazes. Alkaline, alumina borosilicate. Melting Range 1400-1500°.