"Clay associated with the coal measures of the Carboniferous System of sedimentary rocks. A few deposits are residual clays similar to china clay. Fireclays are often refractory clays and are used for firebricks. The name gives this impression but there are fireclays which vitrify below 1300°C (2372°F). These are used for drainage pipes, building bricks, sanitary ware and stoneware. Grog is usually fired and ground fireclay."
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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Cedar Heights Gold Art is a selectively mined, plastic stoneware clay which is airfloated to 200 mesh particle size. It offers excellent working properties and has a wide firing range. It is balanced enough to be used alone.

A fine grained air floated plastic fire clay with excellent green strength. Buff in oxidation and quite brown in reduction.

A popular buff firing plastic Missouri fireclay of fine particle size. It fires a light color with approximately 10% shrinkage at cone 10. Ground to 40 mesh.

A fireclay with very good plasticity and green strength. This is the same clay as Lincoln 60 Fireclay however it is airfloated to 200 mesh. Buff in oxidation and golden brown in reduction firing.

Lincoln 60 fireclay. A west coast fireclay that can be used in clay bodies.