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Evenheat RampMaster II Series Digital Kilns Evenheat Standard Series Kilns have a 55 segment programmable RampMaster II Controller. The user specifies ramp rates (both ascending and descending), set points and set point soak times. Massive storage space means multiple programs are a snap. Features include "skip segment" and temperature pause functions. This kiln is capable of intricate firing schedules.

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Only have two hands? You'll love the RM II 1822 with its RampMaster II controller. Evenheat combined this popular personal electric kiln with a precise, fully automatic temperature controller. Simply program the controller and press start.
For those who yearn for an electric kiln that's not so darn deep Evenheat offers the RM II 2322 equipped with the fully programmable RampMaster II temperature controller. The 23.5" diameter and 22" deep dimensions make this unit very, very easy to load.
Evenheat has taken this popular studio sized kiln and added the fully automatic RampMaster II controller. The result is an electric kiln with size, power and precision firing characteristics needed in today's studio's. Operation is absolutely simple.
The RM II 2929 electric kiln offers an astounding 11.3 cubic feet of chamber space equipped with a fully automatic Rampmaster II controller; which means big, heavy loads are no problem.
The ultimate ceramic production electric kiln: awesome size with fully automatic control. The RM II 2541 is equipped with the fully programmable RampMaster II temperature control. The RM II 2541 is available in both single and 3 phase designs.