Custom Clay Blends

Custom Clay Mixing Axner can mix your own clay formulation for you. Our custom and special order clays are as follows:
  • Minimum Order: One ton (2000 lbs.) batches. Usually a moist clay formula makes slightly more or less than 2000 lbs. You will be shipped and billed for actual pounds made. Smaller special orders for dry clay are available upon request.
  • Consistency: We will pug your moist clay as close as possible to the firmness you specify.
  • Order time: Custom and special order clays need to be properly integrated into our production schedule. Please allow 30 days for production of your special order.
  • Packaging: Moist clays are packaged in two twenty-five pound plastic bags per 50 lb. box.
  • Prices: The price quoted for your clay formula is based on the current cost of raw materials. Pricing will be adjusted accordingly. If credit is not established with us, payment arrangements must be made in advance. We can ship Freight Collect via an LTL Carrier.
Call 800-843-7057 for additional information.

Axner has negotiated excellent shipping rates with a number of carriers in order to deliver clay to you at the lowest possible cost. However, clay freight prices vary widely so we will get back to you on the same or next business day with your freight quotation.

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