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Axner Premium Clays are formulated to work well for both the potter and the end user. The potter will find that our wide range of bodies handle well and form easily. They are made from high quality ingredients that come from mines that provide consistency. Our formulations have been well tested for many years by thousands and thousands of potters. The end user will find the wares made with Axner Premium Clay to be durable and resistant to rigors such as having a casserole go from the refrigerator to the oven. Our clays come in a stunning range of colors and textures.

Every Batch Is Tested

A sample of every batch of clay that comes out of our mixer goes to our testing lab, from which test bars are made. The bars are stamped and fired. We measure the shrinkage of the test bars. We boil the tests bars and weigh them prior and after in order to measure the water absorption. And we visually inspect the test bars. And then we send the results off to our clay consultant for further review. This process assures that every batch of clay is of the same consistent quality as it always has been.

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is to offer you the best performing, highest quality, and most consistent clay that you will be able to find anywhere. The procedures and people that we have put in place makes this goal highly achievable and we are ready to prove it to you.

Δ Cone 06 - 04 Clays
(EM-700 - WC-909)
Δ Cone 5 - 6 Clays
(WC-401 - WC-909)
Δ Cone 9 - 10 Clays
(WC-379 - WC-918)
Axner Paper Clays
(EM-750 - WC-953)
Laguna Colored Porcelain
Real Colored Clays
Liquid Slips for Casting
Custom Clay Blends
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Cone 5-6. When fired to Cone 6, this self-supporting doll slip presents a traditional Caucasian flesh color (a hint of pink).

Cone 5-6. A little less pink and more "tan" than NS-120 Cool Blush.

Cone 5-6. A color out of the Southwest, Desert Beige is the next, small step away from Cool Blush and Warm Blush toward tan/light brown.

Cone 5-6. Antique White offers more of a "cameo white" look than cool whites.

Cone 5-6. A bright, cool white but not a "blue" white.

Cone 5-6. A soft, light, golden beige.

Cone 5-6. A darker and tanner version of NS-122 Desert Beige.

Cone 5-6. Lighter than NS-123 Warm Brown with a hint of pink.

Cone 5-6. A softer shade than NS-130 Coffee.
Works for both glaze and slip. 0 - 70 baume or 1.000 - 2.000 gravity. 11.5" long. Measures the approximate specific gravity of liquids.
Take the guesswork out of volume reading with this polypropylene graduated cylinder. Non-tipping hexagonal base with highly legible, fade-free, molded graduations.
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