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This model performs the basic functions of pugging, reclaiming or extruding. Over the years this unit has successfully met the needs of many classrooms and smaller studios or performed as a specialty pug mill in larger production settings.
Produces a dense thoroughly de-aired clay ready for slabware, throwing or extruding - no additional wedging. Its vacuum system design is the same as that of larger Bluebird pug mills.
This model performs the basic functions of pugging and reclaiming clays which do not require de-airing. The majority of users find that the 675 reduces hand-wedging necessary for most clay bodies.
Produces a de-aired consistently dense, plastic clay suitable for throwing, hand building, slab rolling, ram pressing or extruding with little or no additional wedging necessary.
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Direct-drive gear-reducer and 1 hp motor, Air-piston activated vacuum rod, Self-lubricating internal bearings and an adjustable vacuum deairing system specifically designed for efficient, thorough reclaiming and wedging.