Axner TM-672 Bright Orange Glaze/Overglaze Pen

Axner TM-672 Bright Orange Glaze/Overglaze

Manufacturer: Axner
Weight: 0 lbs., 5.28000 oz.
From $6.95 to $10.95
Glaze in the Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen Series. Available in 1 fl. oz. applicator pens and 2 fl. oz. refills.
From $6.95 to $10.95

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Axner Overglaze Pen, Overglaze Refills, and Pen Tips Glaze in the Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen Series. Available in 1 fl. oz. applicator pens and 2 fl. oz. refills.

Use Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens to draw over previously glazed and fired pottery. Refire the ware to cone 05 (even if it was previously fired to a much higher temperature) for a beautiful overglaze relief. Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens may also be applied over pottery with no glaze at all for a spectacular finish.

Like our Axner Underglaze Pens, Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens are simple and easy to use. They are easy to clean and difficult to clog. They are refillable and they come with four different metal tip sizes... Extra Fine (0.3mm), Fine (0.5mm), Medium (0.7mm), or Bold (0.9mm). The price of the pen includes one of each of the four different pen tips.

One oz. of glaze covers approximately 30 square inches. One 6" x 6" tile uses less than 1 oz. underglaze and just a bit more than one ounce glaze. One 8" x 8" tile uses almost 2 oz. glaze.

Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen Instructions:
The Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen is meant to be applied either over an already fired glaze, or by itself over unglazed clay (thus the name Glaze/Overglaze Pen). The form to which the pen is applied may have been previously fired to a low temperature or a high temperature. When re-firing the form to which the glaze has been applied, fire to cone 05. All kinds of spectacular effects can be achieved.

Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens are simple devices that are easy to use. If your tip does become clogged, run water through it to clean the passage way. Or for the easiest cleaning results, buy an Axner Precision Trailing Bottle and fill it with water. Place a pen tip on it and squeeze the water out to get a perfectly cleaned tip.

When you first get your Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen you may need to vigorously shake it in order to get the underglaze to an even consistency. If your pen sits for weeks or months unused you may have to repeat this procedure again.

When using the Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen, maintain a small amount of squeezing pressure on the pen as you move the tip over the clay surface. Once glaze is applied it can still be manipulated on your clay form. You can spread it with your finger or with other tools. Thus you can maintain sharply defined lines as well as soft and shaded areas. In short, your decorating process can be similar to other paint, pastel or chalk processes.

The metal tips of the Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pen create their own thread as they screw onto the plastic tip of the pen. The top of the pen may be unscrewed so that the pen may be refilled with replacement Axner Glaze/Overglaze.

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