Axner Potter's Wheel

Axner Model M-600 Potter's Wheel (with Stainless Steel top) [SHIPS FRT]

Manufacturer: Axner
Axner Number: A371305
Weight: 104 lbs., 0.00000 oz.

The M-600 develops up to 1/2 hp and is capable of centering up to 80 lbs. of clay. Price includes Splash Pan. Stainless Steel top.

Includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty, Currently 4-5 month lead time.


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The M-600 develops up to 1/2 hp and is capable of centering up to 80 lbs. of clay. Price includes Splash Pan.

Standard Features

  • Robust Frame Construction: The All Steel Frame is very robust in design and construction. The all steel construction makes this wheel very stable and durable. Some lighter wheels will slide across the floor as a large pot is centered. The solid weight of Axner Pottery Wheels is like an anchor.
  • Wheel Head: All Axner wheels come with pre-drilled holes and removable bat pins.
  • Reverse Switch: Throw with the wheel spinning clockwise or counter clockwise.
  • Generous Table Area: The generous table top area on Axner Pottery Wheels leaves lots of room for buckets, tools, bats, you name it. The square-like shape of the frame make it ideal for arranging into pods in classroom situations.
  • Electronic Controls: Electronic Controls are partially responsible for the extra quiet performance, smooth responsiveness, and high torque and power of Axner Pottery Wheels. It also detects the amount of resistance that you place on the motor as you are centering or throwing clay and it will deliver more amperage to the motor accordingly so that your Axner Pottery Wheel will not hesitate or slow down.
  • Foot Pedal: The Foot Pedal on the Axner Super Pro Series surrounds its inner workings with a waterproof and dustproof housing. It is largely responsible for the incredibly smooth and responsive nature of Axner Pottery Wheels.

It's Better

  • Axner Wheels are powered by strong high-torque motors. The power of the motors is leveraged by a strong pulley system. The M-600 will develop 1/2 hp, enough to center 80 lbs. of clay. For potters throwing extraordinarily large work, the M-700 will develop 1 hp and can center up to 100 lbs.
  • Splash pan comes standard with every wheel.
  • Shipping Weight: 104.00 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 32 in. x 25 in. x 22 in., Pallet 48 x 40 x 28

Smooth & Responsive

The Axner Super Pro Series has state of the art foot pedals and controls that make it exceptionally smooth and responsive. You will love and appreciate the full range of speeds that you can easily and deliberately achieve from fast to slow, with a very smooth transition in between.

5 Year Limited Warranty

The Axner Stainless Steel Top Potter's Wheels have a 5 year Limited Warranty and are guaranteed against any defects in construction or materials.

Download Axner Wheel Owner's Manual (PDF)

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