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No compressor needed. Hand pump Spray Gun; with only a few pumps you can keep spraying.
Three Small glaze containers for the Paintec Spray Gun.
Attaches to a 16 oz. heavy duty plastic jar; can spray adhesives, paints, glazes, silicones, stains or laquers. Requires an air compressor and hose; not included.
Additional 16 oz. Heavy Duty Plastic jar that attaches to the K-Grip Siphon Spray Gun; great for storing different glazes. Comes with Screw On lid.
Plastic storage jar with lid; fits onto the EZE Spray Gun.
Spray your glazes. Requires an air compressor.
3 oz. Plastic Bottle and Cover Assembly for Paasche Airbrush Set H.
3 oz. Metal Cover Assembly for Paasche Airbrush Set H. Metal for a Glass Bottle. Does not include a 3 oz. Glass Bottle.